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Subject : No Luck Club

Lived in: Vancouver, Vancouver

Director: David Wong

Lived in: Vancouver, Vancouver

Tags: No, Luck, Club, China, Vancouver, Music, Head, tax


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0 | Uploaded: 27 Feb. 2009

Our Story is a montage which reflects the pervasive anti-Chinese sentiment in Canada, particularly in British Columbia, during the first half of the twentieth century. The piece was originally a song created by Matt and Trevor Chan for their band no luck club. It is a personal tale from their family history; their great-grandfather had paid the exorbitant 'head tax' upon immigrating to Canada in 1920. Employing sound bites from documentaries and high school history records, the facts are contrasted with inspirational speeches from African American civil rights rallies in the 1950s and 60s. The intention is to draw parallels between all struggles for human rights. The song is featured on no luck club's self-released album, Prosperity (2006 Igloo Cartel). The animated video was created by David 'Order1' Wong.

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