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Subject : Michael Muhammed Knight

Lived in: Buffalo, Karachi, Buffalo

Director: WhoWeAre

Lived in: Montreal, Montreal

Tags: Islam, religion, punk, Music, taqwacore


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0 | Uploaded: 08 Dec. 2009

The story begins with a young American guy, Michael Muhammad Knight. He converts to Islam during a stay in Pakistan where he was searching for some kind of belief. Knight falls into the strictest, most conservative branch of Islam: Wahhabism, backed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Returns to the States, disillusioned. Writes a novel entitled "The Taqwacores", his utopian vision of a new, era-conscious Muslim voice. Little did he know, his characters were actually alive, his story was already happening, scattered, disconnected and unidentified.

Word on the street spread about his book, and thanking God for digital connectedness, Muslim punks around the States formed a community loosely based on the exchange and expression of experiences around muslimhood, USA politics of fear and much more. They called it Taqwacore, or Taqx for short.
Taqwacore is a movement that identifies with the punk values of DIY, it's take it or leave it, it's a modern-day expression of values and realities that cannot be inscribed into a system of belief.

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