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Word Play – Kids Are Amazing

As a youth soccer instructor in Montreal I am fortunate enough to witness everyday moments of perseverance, humanity, and acceptance from a very diverse, yet very homogenous group: Canadian children. The soccer courses are offered from a community centre in the Plateau district ¬†basically in the heart of Montreal. While […]

Dreaming of Trudeau

As much as I regard the likes of Glen Beck and Sarah Palin with the haughty condescension of an anthropologist studying the most bloodthirsty of cannibals, I cannot help but feel that the Palins and Becks of the world dwell in a region where there are political treasures to be […]

America’s Debate On Health Care A Chance For Canada To Assess Ours

Boy, is Obamacare getting hot or what? Have you seen footage of some of these Townhall meetings springing up across the country? The government is asserting this is all a conspiracy driven by the insurance companies who have too much of a vested interest in letting health care reform take […]

Dual Citizenship And Sports

Following his two goal performance in a 3-1 victory for Italy over the United States at the Confederations Cup soccer tournament, Giuseppe Rossi finds himself a topic of discussion among American sports writers and commentators.You see, Rossi is originally from Joisey (also referred to New Jersey) who happens to have […]